SCOPE Science Communication

I just finally finished a 10-week long science communication workshop developed by Northwestern University. I admit I learned some new things in the course, but it was a strange course. Here is how this course work, there is a static Canvas course. You follow the instructions, and other students review your work. SO, if you will have a hard time if your speed is different than the rest of the people. The course admin sent a few messages throughout the whole course. A couple of messages at the beginning to announce the Canvas is open now, plus a few more toward the end of the term to say we have a month after the last assignment due date to finish the course, which I personally say was inconsiderate consider the covid-19. Do I recommend it? If you are terrible at communicating with others, and have a high tolerance of pacific north urban style racism take it. Otherwise, it won't help that much, and sometimes their contents hurt pretty bad.

APS March Meeting 2021 Oral Presentation

Last week, I presented my work at APS (American Physics Society) 2021 March meeting under DBio (Division of Biophysics). It was very nice to see and get familiar with other groups around the globe that work on the same/close to my research topic. "The physics of cancer", as the general topic of my research area, is interesting and impactful. But, for sure, you can feel how faculties and researchers don't have proper science communication skills. One of the presenters didn't show up at all; another person's internet died and he came back late; to have him, the moderator had to make others cut their talks shorter. It wasn't a good section.  Here is my boring physics talk. 

OLC Innovate 2021 Virtual Conference

Last week, I attended OLC Innovate 2021 Virtual Conference. It was my first experience attending OLC. In short, "It was great". Most people, I can say almost all, have a Twitter account, so it is super easy to keep up with other activities and content they have to share. I recommend it! I learned a lot through this conference. 

The Biophysical Society Annual Meeting 2021 Poster Presentation

Two weeks ago, I presented my research at the Biophysical Society (BPS) Annual Meeting poster presentation section on-line. That was my second time attending BPS annual meeting. Last year 2020, in San Diego, it was a great experience talking to companies and other research groups about new technologies and methods in our field of research. Even with considering online aspect of this year BPS, I think still BPS could do a way better job in manage the whole conference better. The first day of poster presentations, so many people couldn't figure out how to answer the questions in the Q&A section. I had plan to attend a PUI meeting, I couldn't figure out how to join a room, I went through the whole "guide" section of their website but there wasn't anything about discussion rooms so I ended up giving up after 30 min of googling things. And I wish we could have 1-2-1 discussing with visitors instead of the text chat based Q&A, but anyhow it is over and I got a c

OMSI/Oregon State University Science Communication Workshop 2021

Just finished attending the very last OMSI/Oregon State University Science Communication Workshop 2021 over zoom. It was a great experience working through the assignments and making progress in explaining my research in much more clear and easier to follow terms.  If you are interested, here is the link to the homepage of the workshop .  Looking forward to attend the OMSI Dive into Science Communication Workshops in April:  Controversial Subjects (April 8)  Virtual Science Demonstrations (April 15)  Science in Social Media (April 22)